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Die Candocks in Die Hoof Seilaghawe

Posted on June 2, 2017 by Gideon Langart in Sailing

Port Owen Marina Authority (npc)

Reg # 99/10199/08

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e-mail poma@telkomsa.net

Candock Jetties in the main basin of the Port Owen Marina.

As published in a newsletter by the POMA chairman, the POMA board has decided to standardise on Candock jetties within the main basin of the marina. The main basin is the area that lies north of a line drawn from the southern boundary of erf 869 to the northern boundary of erf 1277. This area does not include the private jetty of erf 1277, nor the jetties of Marina Point.

It was decided by the board that POMA will project manage the installation of all future Candock jetties to ensure 1) that the entire process is transparent, 2) that all jetties are built to the same standard and that 3) the jetties are registered with Candock so that the warrantees are in place. POMA would in no way finance the installation of these jetties.

In order to get the process started, those clients that had enquired about Candock jetties were approached and the following was put in place (each client agreed to purchase the complete jetty which consists of 2 berths):

  • Dockpro, the South African agent for Candock, was asked for prices of jetties 10m long by 2m wide and 10m long by 1.5m wide. These quotations were passed onto the clients for their approval. It was agreed that the 10m long by 1.5m wide was the way to go.
  • As POMA had decided that only stainless steel poles would be used, an independent price was called for from a Cape Town supplier for 6 stainless pipes per jetty.
  • Prices for the installation of each jetty, the supply of power and water to each jetty, the supply of the ramp to each jetty and the building of the civil base for each jetty was given to each of the clients.

As POMA would not be financing the installation of the jetties, it was agreed that the cost of the Candock equipment and the cost of the stainless steel poles would be paid for up front by each client before any orders were placed. In order to save on the transport costs (R15000-00 per jetty if supplied individually) 3 jetties were ordered to be delivered on the same truck. This saved each client R 10000-00.

Four jetties were ordered and have been delivered to POMA. Two boats have been moved in order to break down part of the old Juliet jetty to make way for the new jetties. Once the old poles have been removed, the civil bases will be set up and then the jetties will be assembled and fixed into position.

Jetty positions that are available on the west bank of the main basin are J8 to J12 and J16. These are finger jetties that are 10m long and may be either 2m or 1.5m wide. It must be remembered that the vessels on these births may not exceed 110% of the length of the berth. Should there be 2 parties that wish to share a jetty, each owning one berth, this is also possible. Each party will have an independent contract with POMA but the same requirements and procedures will apply.


10m x 1.5m (2 berth) Candock complete installation                    +/- R 60 000-00 per berth

10m x 2m (2 berth) Candock complete installation                       +/- R 70 000-00 per berth

12m x 2m (12 berth) Candock complete installation                     +/- R 85 000-00 per berth

Monthly jetty fees for the 2017/18 season are R 80-25 per meter length of berth.

All the above prices are excluding transport costs which vary subject to the number of jetties delivered at any one time.

All the above prices are excluding VAT.

All the above prices are subject to confirmation at time of purchase.

For further details please contact Derek Robinson at 083 274 5798.


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